Thursday, June 16, 2005

The very long way home!


hello!! I just got back from holiday and am extremely exhausted, dgn muka sunburn.. Will update later (InsyaAllah) but for now, just enjoy the pics, OK?

Yes, definitely a long way home. Started from Sheffield-Cardiff-London-Stockholm-London-Doncaster-Sheffield!

BBQ @ Comeston Lake, Cardiff

Seri, Ana, Me, Mai, Dalila & Wyam..

Me & Seri @ Stockholm Old Town

Stockholm - Gamla Stan view from the City Hall tower

Wani, Sarah, Me & Seri - City Hall Tower

Ahaa..the place where we stayed! Cool kan?? tp mabuk kepayang coz terasa boat to bergoyang..

In front of the Royal Canal Boat Sightseeing..

Me again..panas gilerr kat Stockholm..rasa cam terbakar muka..camne nak balik Msia ni??

Me, kat one of the souvenir shop @ Gamla Stan..

We survived those 3 days with Maggi, Nestum, Tuna & Bread. So please, NO MORE maggi, bread or Tuna after this. At least for the few coming weeks!

Okies. See ya.


kudo said...

nice! my dad went there in 1974 and was offered to stay on with volvo over there. i can't imagine what it'll be like if we did live there. will be introducing myself like hej! jag hettar kudo! or something like that.

emmachann said...

yeah! their language was a nightmare! couldnt find a signboard with English..nasib baik tak sesat.. tp Stockholm mmg nice & clean! (and damn expensive jugak..)*aiyakk..

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