Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Morning glory..


Hello there. Its early in the morning. I fallen asleep as early as I could, after got back from work and woke up as early as 2am. Ingatkan nak tido sampai kul 11, then off to library, but it did not happen that way..hehe..

Anyway, update about Fizi. Alhamdulillah, he's better, much - much better! Siap boleh borak2 layan kitaorang and buat gelak. So I guess, that explains everything and we are so much relief to see the improvements, especially his beloved girlfriend lah.. Kalau tak tu, sedih jer..Yelah, imagine if that happens to your beloved ones. (No No No, I dont want to imagine that! Ill be crying like mad punya!)

So there it goes, everytime visit dia kat hospital, reminds me to my x Sheffieldians friends whom never missed visiting me while I was in the hospital. Yups, true friends will always be with you, rise and fall, sad & happy times.

Orait. Dont wanna talk about anything that is related to the hospital, nanti sedih. (Well, you can tell.)

Tomorrow will be my last paper and then on Friday I am off to Cardiff pastu to Stockholm on Sunday-Tuesday!

Just in case tak sempat nak update, have a nice weekend! See ya.


~emmachann is on vacation~

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