Friday, May 13, 2005

desperate patient & student..


Sorry, havent got any new entry for the past 2 days. So, here it goes, a story for 2 days.

A Desperate Patient
Went to dentist yesterday (OH, finally. Thank God!). Yes, both Mr & Miss dentist saved my teeth. *grin. But, it was painful although they gave me injection. Cant eat, cant sleep and still have the taste of ubat bius in my mouth.So you tell me how do I enjoy the taste of food?

A Desperate Student
* presentation tomorrow lah for the industrial group project. I was a zombie last night (still am tonite), updating my log book that I havent written any single thing inside..hehe.

I dont see the point of having a log book (the project duration is only for 10weeks) since all the work were done in Matlab software. Takkan nak tulis kots programming kat dalam buku tu??

But..hehe.. clever me, I printed out all the programming, diagrams and modelling and tampal2 kat dalam log book. Quite similar to what I did when I was little - collage. hehe..Somehow I managed to get it done. Amazing, amazing!! huhu..

Done with the slides. Will practise later. For now, lets enjoy Gilmore Girls..yey!!!

P/s- Wish me luck esok, errmm..Ill wear my lucky suit & shoe.;)

*aja-aja fighto!!


didie said... want gilmore too :D

emmachann said...

haha.. me want gilmore too - GG18!

apa usual lahh..this weekend..;)

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