Saturday, April 09, 2005

its all coming back to me now..


its Friday, again. And guess what, it was snowing today. Hmm..sejuk gilerrrr!!

Bad news to all the locals : No spring season this year.
Good news to me : So, at least my eyes tak tercemar..haha..

OH no, it is the end of the holidays.*sigh..what have I been doing these 3 weeks? Well, I was sick throughout the 1st week, went to Aberdeen & York the 2nd week and finally, Im sitting quietly at home. So, TELL ME how effective is that??

Its coming back - the FLU. Definitely not a pleasant for me. My friends used to say I am one hell of a tough girl. But on the other hand, they said I am fragile. As fragile as a glass. Well, I totally agree with that. I am fragile to cold weather, which I would say the most. Then, still lagi nak stay sini eh? I might have to think about that again, seriously. PLEASE, go away flu. Give me some space this week, at least!

Watched American Idol tadi. BO BICE, NADIA & ANWAR are definitely my favourites for this year. Hard to say who's gonna win, but I am pretty sure that one of them (or maybe tiga2 tu sekali) will make it to top 3. If that happens, bolehlah jadi one of the judges next year.hehehe..

OKlah. sambung esok2. Insyallah.

emmachann, OUT.

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