Wednesday, March 16, 2005

MatLab or MADLab?


Im not feeling well.Probably because I didnt get enough sleep these past 3 days.By the way, Im not working today (you can tell, coz its half past six pm..) ;)

The MatLab 7.0 installer is not working..d**m..this is not good for me as I have to hand in the interim report tomorrow..

The problem is, my groupmates are using Matlab 7.0. Mine is the older version, 6.5.. aiyakkk.. So, I cant open their files at my laptop..*sigh..

Which means, I have to finish my work at Uni..OH, how nice.Tell me about it.

Time to get cracking.Off I go to Uni.huhhh..Definitely not a pleasant for me.

*MAD about MADLab.

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