Sunday, March 13, 2005

Girls day out..


What a sunny day today, but still, COLD..had to wear gloves jugak.. me & Nana went out, nak gi Castle Market actually and then ended up at Starbucks Coffee and The Swim Inn, for fish & chips (As, igt x dulu ko belanja aku makan kat situ??) a so-called girls day out... hehe

Bought a sandwich maker, yey!! So, Ill be having sandwich for breakfast, lunch and maybe dinner jugak.. haha.. malas gilerr lah nak masak..

tp esok nak buat kuih keria..baru beli potato kat castle market..nyam.nyam..

Decided to cancel the trip to Germany..really wanna go but I couldnt find a cheap flight ticket.. the cheapest was GBP 60.78.. waaa.. dats not cheap..boleh beli 2 flight tickets to sorry ek mushi & syazana, but anyway thanks for inviting me!

Ok folks..nana kat bilik ni..tgh ada Good Food magazines session..tata!

*emmachann, OUT.

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