Tuesday, February 08, 2005

emotionally unstable



Had a great dinner last nite..Well, it wasnt actually dinner, its lunch+dinner.. Seri came over to my place since I had promised her to cook some western food after the exams..And Raha, who stopped by to collect some notes from my housemate, was invited to have dinner with us as well..The menu ialah;
1) Cauliflower & Chilli Spaghetti
2) Lasagne
3) Roasted Chicken & potato
4) Sticky Marmalade Chicken
5) Boiled brocollis,carrots and cauliflowers

ahaa..simply irresistible..oh! I forgot to take pictures..some other time lah ok!
Then after dinner, Raha pun balik..so me & Seri tgk horror movie (oohh please, dont ever imagine me watching that kinda movie!) si Yana baru tgk tak sampai seminit dah tak nak tgk lagi dah..hehe..quite seram gak lah..but it wasnt a good ending.! geram jer tgk.. ada unsolved mysteries!! tak suka nyer tgk citer takde ending ni!! tgh2 tgk tu teringat geng2 Haverlock & Brunswick time tgk citer hantu.. kekkekeke.. lawak sehh.. kalau korang ada semalam sure meriah habis! aahh..rindunya saat2 itu!!


Some ppl think I can stand their jokes or sakat2 or whatever you called it! But not really, it depends, sometimes yes, but most of the time no!!(especially when it has something to do with feelings..do you get what I mean here?) When I say no, means no, I DONT LIKE IT..So, why cant you understand? I had enuff already! Let me tell you something, be like a grow up man, back-off and mind your own Godd**m business ok?


I think thats about it. Sorry, if Im being a little bit harsh. Not in the good mood today..Like Seri said, my blood type cannot handle or deal with too much depression. Which is true indeed!

Okie dokie. wassalam.


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