Wednesday, October 20, 2004

missing something real


morning everyone!! alhamdulillah..baru lepas sahur.. masak mee hun tadi.. dahlah terbgn awal.. 4.00am.. coz sejuk giler.. terus kena selsema.. aduss.. tak larat betul..

things that i need to do first every morning;
1) shower
2) solat
3) makan ubat
4) breakfast
5) kemas bilik
6) call Msia :)
7) kemas notes

ahaa.. so here, u can see that updating blog is not in the list.. but the thing is, i always wanted to do such things first (that are not listed above except for no 6..hehe)..

oklah.. dah mcm zombie jer.. ubat selsema punya pasal..


~missing my sepil mates~

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