Monday, October 04, 2004


hi ppl!! huhu..its monday!! hmm.. for those who are working will definitely hate Monday.. why?? coz byk keje kena buat.. asal Isnin je mesti productivity kurang..hehe.. student mcm tu ke ek??

guess what?? its raining in Sheffield.. which makes me think twice whether to attend the lectures or not.. hehe (gelak jahat nih..) but considering that ive no classmates left (most of my frens did BEng) i mean, i still have classmates but they are all the white wizards ehh..silap.. white guys.. no Asian or Middle East lagi.. plus they are not taking the same modules.. so, here u can see.. that i have no choice..!! too bad.. lagipun im the only girl dalam MEng programme tu so it would make it so obvious if im not in the class.. u get what i mean??

ahaa..forgot to mention.. thanks to ima-sky for our discussion last nite.. ive made up my mind.. no Neural these are the modules for Autumn Semester:
1) Nonlinear Systems
2) Adaptive Control
3) Space Systems Engineering
4) Computer Architecture
5) Engineering Management
6) Marketing Management

i finally dropped out Neural Networks ( so sad, but i did ).. actually im more interested in Neuro but i dun want to be occupied with lab design, matlab or anything that has to do with lab.. cukuplah masa project last year jer.. coz i attended neuro classes last week which rasanya interesting jugak.. ahakss.. u can see from the title itself.. neuro = brains.. basically we learn about how the brain works, predict and estimates the output.. looks similar to medicine.. kekeke.. doesnt make sense.. i do hope this is the right choices, insyallah.. pray for me okie!!

hujan2 ni teringat kat geng2 sepil dulu.. rindunya kat korang.. hari tu aku layan tgk LOTR extended version sorang2 jer.. :( btw, shik, thanks for the email.. hehe :) as & anne hujan2 nih aku teringat insiden korang terjumpa bapak aku dulu.. haha.. lawaks222.. hana, yeen & ain - kitaorang belum gi swimming lagi.. dah takde geng dah.. but mate ada ajak hari tu.. feza & kamy, aku now nih tido seawal minit pertama, bangun di separuh masa kedua.. hehe.. (takde geng nak 'stay up' dah. :( shik..hari nih aku dah start kojer.. part time floor engineering.. heheh.. kalau ada ko mesti best.. balik jer kita singgah Tesco.. syahdulah pulak.. :( :( :(

congratslah kat korang yg dah dpt keje.. dah keje tu apa lagi.. jgn buat2 lupa pulak aku & yana kat sini..kirim2lah apa2 yg patut - kad raya ke, kuih raya ke.. setakat salam raya tak mainlah..
jgn lupa janji2 manis korang..

and again..ive changed the song.. got it this early morning, someone emailed ( or should i say dedicated ) it to me since i told him that Sheffield was flooded with rain yesterday.. thanks.. so sweet!! ;)

so long..kiss the rain..

lots of loves,
emmachann chinn chunn

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