Thursday, March 11, 2004


woohooo..guess what..tadi snow lagi..but not the real one..i prefer to call it snowjan=snow+hujan.. so weird..its approaching spring already, or is it dah spring but the weather is still so d**m cold.. huh..but takpe..kalau kat msia panas sgt pulak..hehe..betul ke wahai sahabat2 di Msia sekalian..???

try to work out my project in a new environment-at Sir Henry Stephenson Building lab..masuk2 je fuh.. lega..warm enuff..but after a few minutes, this one guy (maybe he feels uncomfortable becoz of the i thought he will decrease the temperature..but instead off slowing down the heater, he turned it off and turned on the fan..)..and so i was like what???why??whY??why?? dahlah aku duduk kat bawah air cond tuh. so it was cold in the lab and i wasnt doing my project at all...apa lagi lepas tuh, terus balik.. huh..what a waste of time..!! (eh..update blog nih tak consider buang masa ke??takpe..kejap jer..hehe)

next week is the dateline for the EEE'S student to submit their project..okies my fren..gud luck.. the voice within..hehe..make doa and insyallah..-cakap untuk diri sendiri jugak nih..

okie dokie..last but not least, take care..hopefully tomorrow will be a better day..insyallah!!


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