Tuesday, March 09, 2004

not gud enuff...

Hmm..not in the full mood to write up but since I have nowhere to go (sounds sad kann..)..So, this is the only place to turn to..it s UK man..kalau kat Msia mesti dah gi makan2 (my fren''s treat-dats why it is so great to have many frens or in other words BESFREN..hehe) and tgk movies although I didn't get through the test..oops..forgot to mention.. Actually today I had a PROBLEM SOLVING TEST with P&G (Procter & Gamble - yg buat2 shampoo & macam2 lagi product lain) or some of them might call it PYHSCOMETRIC TEST..It is a literal reasoning and numeric test which lasts about 65 minutes..Basically, it's all about statistics, probabilities and series.. huh..stress jugaklah buat test tuh tadi..and there were 6 of us..(5 Asians, 1 local) and I was the only girl..n yg 4 lagi tuh tadi Chinese..the company nak yg the best 2..so both Chinese yg dapat..I would say it was tough.. Maybe bukan rezeki but maybe I am not dat gud enuff kan..(kenapa macam ayat sedapkan hati jer..) hmm..nak kata frust tuh, mesti ada kan..tipulah kalau kata takde..coz Ive been this far and suddenly just becoz a s****do test dah tak dapat..well, it is fine for me to fail an interview rather than to fail a test ( I meant the problem solving test!)..at least orang tuh interview lah dulu ke..get to know in person..coz my engineer used to say that a good paper qualification doesn't mean u r good at worklife..dat is so true..he got a fren who graduated from Oxford but yet to prove himself still...dun get confuse with paper qualification..hehe..but anyhow, tak semua macam tu kan..maybe some of them..

So ppl, dats the way they do it here in UK when u applied to any jobs or even internships.. Since the pay is high (more than enuff I would say coz P&G- Procter & Gamble they pay 1*** pounds per month just for an internship) and obviously they are very selective and will only choose those who have the best fit and great potential with their business..

Too bad..Because of that I spent the entire day sleeping..huhu..Hopefully this nite I will not have any nightmare of P&G..hahaha..

Other issues, there's a link to my fren's(ima-sky) fotopages..sapa2 yg berminat ngan PARAGLIDING tuh bolehlah click kat bawah nih…woohoo..macam best jer kan.. besides that bolehlah aku promote si ima-sky yg single mingle cute miut tuh..hehe.jadi m*tc*m**er lagi aku..jgn marah ima-sky!!


okie dokie..dats all for today..wish me & all of u the best of luck..insyallah..

take care..wassalam..

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