Saturday, March 06, 2004

My first NEPHEW..yehaa.. excited today..baru je dpt news from my family that my sister in law baru lepas boy weighted 2.5 kilos...but, dia bersalin awal sebulan..dats why i was shocked at first when ive got the news..takpelah..yg penting semuanya selamat.. alhamdulillahh..dah jadi makcik dah aku..hishhh.ooh man..before this jadi auntie pada anak2 cousins aku nih dah ada anak buah sendiri..cant wait to go home..sabar2...tak lama lagi jer..!!insyallah..

then, got sms from a very close fren of mine (he's a guy but he's married anyway..)..he also baru dapat a baby girl..alhamdulillah..haiii..dah jadi bapak dah ngko..we used to study together masa kat Poly Swak..and now, huh.. he's already a dad..dan aku..tak sudah2 lagi study..apapun my fren, congrats..aku pun turut tumpang bahgia..(boleh ke tumpang2 nih??)and wish ya all the happiness in da world.. nih ada ups & downs nye..Sometimes unfortunate things do happen..and it is so unpredictable and boleh jadi moment yg paling sedih in our life..however, as a muslim, kita tahu that itu adalah qada dan qadar serta ketentuan yg telah ditetapkan oleh ALLAH ..mungkin apa yg kita rasa baik tuh bukan yg the best untuk kita but yg kita tak suka tu lah mungkin yg terbaik untuk kita...coz we never know kan..!! wallahulam.. the most important thing is percaya dan yakin that apa jua yg berlaku tuh ada hikmah di sebaliknya.. and look at the bright side of it..dats the best we can do...insyallahh...

tak mau lah tulis panjang2..kang ada orang kata aku tulis cerpen..hehe..but apapun ada few thoughts that i would like to share with all of u..;

Old loves can still be friends for two reasons:
1. They never really loved each other,
2. They love each other still.

If u love him/her, just let him/go...If he/she comes back..he's/she's yours..but if he/she doesnt, she/he never meant to be...

well, I dedicated those thoughts to someone who used to be one of the most important person in my life..

wassalam..take care..have a nice weekend..!! adios amigos..

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