Thursday, March 25, 2004


assalamualaikum wbt..

1st of all, I have decided to put back the video clip of MY IMMORTAL here and I dedicated it to myself..

chat with my mom, here are few things that she told me:

1) my 2nd brother is getting married this September..
2) as the results, im gonna be the wedding planner..yey!!but definitely not as good as rizalman..hehe..
3) nina(my cousin's daughter) she can already baca surah Al-Ikhlas & doa sebelum tidur and pronounce the word auntie properly instead of atiee..
4) my nephew has my brother's eyes-cam sepet sikit but skin & features ikut my sista in law..huhu..
5) my mission b4 the wedding is to go to find some stuffs for the wedding..
6) an old fren of mine called home and then he was surprised to know that Im in uk (after 2 years??how come he is the last one to know..)
8) I received a parcel (again..!!) from my fren kat Poly Swak who is currently working with MISC..not Ujang..its the other guy..Onet(he's married anyway) dia hantar kat address Msia lah tapi..he gave me Beijing Silk..woohooo..baju raya tahuN ni lah nampaknya..didnt expect that he will take it seriously when I said that I wanna a silk for a birthday present (last year's besday)..giler lama Onet ko nak hantar.. probably dia baru belayar ke Beijing kot..hehe..TQ anyway!! dats why lah SGT beruntung bila ramai kawan nih (ehhhh..sat..did i just say that word - SGT?? haiiii..ada member aku nih sensitive sikit ngan this word..ko buat2 tak dgr jer lah yer..)
7) dats all..and my mom said nina asyik sebut2 my name -auntie,auntie..especially bila dia nampak aeroplane and my pics kat rumah tuh..oohhhh..miss her so much..home sweet home..

and today, its cold & raining and alhamdulillah im getting better..but dun really feel comfortable..fenin dah hari2 asyik duk rumah...yey..esok ada kelas DSP-Digital Signal favourite subject..why?? coz dia ada Fourier Transform kot..hahaha..nahhh..had enuff of FFT nih...

to EEE students..dah lepas dah presentation, nanti akan tibalah masa aku pulak..adesss..start dah aku gelabah nih..kamychann, thanks for the advices..akan ku praktikkan masa present nanti..huhu..insyallah..

already..dats all for today..rasanya nak gi Portobello IT center lah..buhsan duk rumah..dah tahap gaban punya buhsan (gaban pun tak buhsan camni aku rasa..)

adios amigos..take care..wassalam..

lots of love,
kemot<---nama nih diberi oleh engineer aku kat Western Digital dulu..

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