Thursday, February 26, 2004

wut's da story??

hey back again..been a while since the last time i started this, nothin much to as usual..takdak class..tiap2 hari pun menatap project nih..and im sick of it..nway..lots more of work coming..suddenly.., miss home baddd..just wanna get over this and go home..insyallah..tu lah..sapa suruh gatal2 sambung lagi setahun.. padan muka :p..

chat dgn my fren usual, i keep asking the same thing again & again..huh..and as usual jugak ,he will say thanks for asking..well dats all i can do.. sorry i wasnt there to be with u when she passed my fren, i know dat u r a tough guy..and will survived no matter what had happened..semoga arwah dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dgn orang2 yg soleh....alfatihah... and dun forget, as u promised..CHILLIS...yehaaa..tak sabarnya nak balik...

this morning ive got emails from a few so called important people in my life.

iqie, thanks for still keeping in touch!! really looking forward to meeting you soon..and of course, ko pun tak sabar nak jumpa BESTFRENS ko..hahaha..

and erika (if u ever read this) hope that u'll be able to finish the 20,000 word do u manage??? i was her host sister in 1997..she spent the whole year with my family..and had so much fun with her.. i hope she felt the same way too.. ppl use to call her ika..but some called her ikan.. keke.. she's from australia but not purely aussie.. her parents are from chile and then migrated to melbourne.. yg bestnya erika nih kat rumah tak cakap english with her family but spanish..asta la vista..hehe..te amor mucho was the 1st ayat spanish yg dia ajar..n im definitely sure she still can read & write in malays..

then got email from ilah koli ( my FREN masa kat teknik pd..) adess..she getting married on 5th of june this year..arghhh.. i can feel the pressure.. haha..but no worries.. ilah, sorry i obviously tak boleh nak attend ur wedding day due to examinations but nway, ill meet u after that..insyallah.. oklah..nak makan..lapar pulak..dahlah sejuk giler.. bye!

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